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 Editor's Note
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Hi everybody,

In this issue of CISN, we will continue to share with our readers the hottest issues and up-to-date news about information technologies.

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We gratefully acknowledge the members of Computer Center and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vahap Tecim from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences for their contributions to our journal.

Many thanks to the following Computer Center staff whose perpetual contribution to CISN are sincerely and gratefully acknowledged; graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu-Oran; statistician Ulaş Sunata and translator Deniz Yönter.

The following are the articles of this issue and their authors:

Selçuk Han Aydın - "On Linux Kernel"; structure, updating and configuring the open source Linux Kernel...

Feyza Taşkazan - "What is PKI? - 1"; cryptography methods, encryption, electronic signature and authentication, certificates, PKI against security threats on the networks...

İbrahim Çalışır - "Windows 2000 / XP Desktop Computer Security - 3"; high-level security settings and policies, shutting down the unnecessary services, regedit file, policy settings on the computers with Windows 2000 / XP operating system...

Cengiz Acartürk - "The Common Security Errors Of End Users And Measures To Be Taken Against Them "; simple measures against common computer and network security errors of end users for information security...

İbrahim Çalışır - "METU Anti-Virus Solutions"; activities to be undertaken before and after the virus affects the METU campus...

Cihan Yıldırım-Yücel - "Web Browsers"; most commonly used web browser programs that makes us surf on the Internet...

Doç. Dr. Vahap Tecim - "Planning, Management and Information With Internet-Based Geographical Information Systems"; relationsihp between Geographical Information Systems and Information Technologies, activities of Sakarya GIS Center, institutional integration, disaster information and crisis management systems...

Please send the topics you are curious to read about in the next issues to cisn@metu.edu.tr.

Looking forward to see you again in the 10th issue ...


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