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Hello everyone,

After a long break, we are once again here with you with a brand new CISN in which we mean to convey to you the latest news and information about the IT industry. We would, first, like to thank you for the intensive interest you have displayed for the 10th year edition of our newsletter.

We present our gratitude to METU Computer Center staff who have contributed to this edition with their articles.

Furthermore, we thank our co-worker and designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu-Oran who has contributed to the continuity of the CISN journal, and Instructor Vehbi Gençay of METU Department of Basic English, who has given a hand in the translation.

The topics in this issue are:

Selçuk Han Aydın, under the heading "PC Room Automation with pGina", briefly explains how the METU computer rooms are centrally operated with open source coded software,

Ahmet Yurdakul, tells us about the measures to prevent eye disorders after prolonged hours of computer work by stating "Climate Changes of the Eyes",

Özge Alaçam gives information about "Human-Computer Interaction Research and Application Laboratory" which was established at the METU Computer Center, (in Turkish)

Feyza (Taşkazan) Eryol, adds to her succession of articles on PKI, which have been continuing from previous issues, and tells about an open source coded "OpenCA" PKI software installation,

İbrahim Çalışır, currently working at METU Northern Cyprus Campus, gives general definitions of the topic under the heading "IT Policies" and conveys what METU has been doing about virus and spam prevention and P2P issues.

As usual, you can access the Turkish version of this edition from the http://cisn.odtu.edu.tr address.

You can inform us of the matters of interest that you would like to see in our journal by e-mailing us at the cisn@metu.edu.tr address.

Hope to see you with the next issue...

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