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 Editor's Note
 Linux Security - 1
 What is PKI? - 2
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 OpenOffice.org 1.1 - 1
 Web Site Usability - 1
 A Book Review - Web  Theory: An Introduction
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Hi everybody,

In this issue of CISN, we will continue to share with our readers the hottest issues and up-to-date news about information technologies.

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We gratefully acknowledge the members of Computer Center for their contributions to our journal.

Many thanks to the following Computer Center staff whose perpetual contribution to CISN are sincerely and gratefully acknowledged; graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu-Oran; statistician Ulaş Sunata and translator Deniz Yönter.

The following are the articles of this issue and their authors:

Selçuk Han Aydın - "Linux Security - 1"; considering the operating systems (OSs) in general, maintaining the Linux operating system environment secure...

Feyza Taşkazan - "What is PKI? - 2"; solution tools and recommended software for a complex PKI solution...

Cihan Yıldırım-Yücel - "How do search engines work?"; types, specifications of the search engines which is the key to find specific information on the world wide web, meta search engines...

Ozan Tuğluk and Cengiz Acartürk - "OpenOffice.org 1.1 - 1"; fundamentals and programs of the 1.1 version of OpenOffice.org which is a non-commercial open source office suite...

Cengiz Acartürk - "The Significance of Web Site Usability and Usability Tests - 1"; a study of web user interfaces through the point of user satisfaction and usability, testing methods, standards...

Deniz Yönter - "A Book Review - Web Theory: An Introduction"; a comprehensive and critical approach to the Internet and web theories...

Please send the topics you are curious to read about in the next issues to cisn@metu.edu.tr.

Looking forward to see you again in the 11th issue...


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