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It is, perhaps, not incorrect to say that on the 11th year of the Internet in Turkey, CISN is the first electronic journal of our country, and maybe, one of the electronical journals in Turkey that has been published for the longest time. It was started as a paper newsletter and it was initially titled as CC-NEWS; the first issue was publicated on April 1994. There was a break in the interim. Many authors, editors, translators and designers have worked diligently under the shadow of the apple tree; the apple basket has been filled with a lot of apples in the course of time. So many apples there are now in one small, but weighty basket...

This special edition is published to celebrate the 10th year of CISN. The tenth year brought together the previous authors and contributors of the newsletter; nine more apples met each other under this very tree, nine more apples are added to the basket of apples and nine familiar names therewith.

The zeal and enthusiasm we felt during preparation of this special edition was greater than ever before. It has been a fascinating experience to bring together those people who had worked in the same offices that we work right now. We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to them.

Ayla Altun, has been working at CC since April 1994. She has been working at the position of Director to the Computer Center since 1998. Along with the CISN, she is also celebrating her tenth year at CC. In her article titled "A Short Story: Profound Transformation in Ten Years", she narrates us the story of ten years at CC.

Erdal Taner, worked at CC between 1990-1995. Since 1999, he is currently employed at the Development Lead position at the Tideworks Technology in Seattle, USA. In his article titled "When I Was Your Age...", he humorously and vividly depicts the days in the past at CC.

Hatice Kuey worked at CC between 1988-1995. She later worked at Ripe (Holland) and IBM (USA). She is currently lecturing the Turkish Courses at Stanford University. Her article starts with the phrase "Once Upon A Time..." and she depicts the life at CC ten years before as if it were a tale.

Kürşat Çağıltay worked at CC between 1988-1997. He received his Ph.D. degree at Indiana University in USA. He has been a member of the faculty at Middle East Technical University Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department since 2002. In his article titled "Surfing on the Wave of Transformation: CC’s Past, Present and the Future", he gives an account of CC in a linear historical manner, locates its position in the sector and provides an interpretative explanation of future policies that he thinks CC should adopt.

Evrim Göçmen Güven worked at CC between 1995-2002.In her article titled "Hi to Everybody", she shares with us how she experienced the transformation that the information technology instituted in her life and how it evolved afterwards.

Sinem Cezayirlioğlu Burat worked at CC between 2000-2003. She is currently employed at Siemens Business Services, E-Learning Department as a Video Specialist. In her article titled "Digital Video", she describes the digital video concept and provides sound information about available video editing software.

Tufan Karadere worked at CC between 1998-2003. He is currently employed at Ulakbim Center for National Academic Network and Information as a system administrator. In his article titled "IPv6", he provides information about the history of currently used Internet Protocol (Ipv4) and depicts the protocol’s current shortcomings; and what will the future of the IP protocol system is going to be.

Abdel-Elah Al-Ayyoub worked at CC between 1989-1992 during which he served as an editor for the METUCC NEWS; the origins of CISN. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering Department in 1992 at the Middle East Technical University. He is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Arab Open University. He is an IEEE Senior Member, a frequent research grant receiver, prize winner, and scientific papers author. He has also worked for University of Bahrain, Sultan Qaboos University – Oman, The University of Akron – Ohio, and Jordan University of Science and Technology. His areas of interest include online learning among others. In his article titled "A literature Survey on ICT-Based Learning", he informs us about the evolution of e-learning models and provides an account of current trends in e-learning.

We would like Attila Özgit to partake in this special edition. However, his article has not been received at the time CISN has published. We thank to him for his great contribution to he evolution of CISN and we expect his participation in another CISN issue.

Lastly, for their hard work in this issue, much gratitude and special thanks should be expressed in word to the following people; the editor of CISN Ömer Gözü, the translator Deniz Yönter and the graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu-Oran.

Happy 10th anniversary CISN...


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