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 METU - Net

Metu-Net is the computer network backbone of the Middle East Technical University.

The first real backbone of METU was Token Ring. The 16 Mbps Token Ring backbone was constructed in 1990. As is to be expected, the backbone topology was the ring topology and all F/O cables were 100/140 micron. It was very difficult to manage the Token Ring backbone and it was not reliable enough.

As the computer technologies become more powerful every day, bandwidth demands of end users increase accordingly. Faster PCs, user-friendly Internet protocols (like http, ftp etc.) and common use of multimedia applications demand one thing, i.e. bandwidth. That's why, in the middle of the 90`s, the 16 Mbps bandwidth started to cause problems. METU started to look for a solution, and in the mid 90`s, the new, fast, capable and the most suitable solution turned out to be ATM. The new ATM backbone construction started in 1996. The new 622 Mbps. backbone was remarkably faster and it was more capable since it carried sound, video and data simultaneously. It turned out to be a backbone, which is really suitable for a university that has included computer-based education, like distance learning or lessons with interactive video-conferencing in its plans for future.

Today, Middle East Technical University has a 622 Mbps. main backbone and several 155 Mbps. secondary backbones. Our giant servers like orca, rorqual, myra, beluga are directly connected to our backbone with 155 Mbps. Now, Metu-Net is capable of giving 155 Mbps. dedicated connections to 136 different points like departments, servers etc. with 2 ATM routers and 7 ATM backbone switches.

Our departments are using ATM to Ethernet converters. Metu-Net usually supply several 10/100 Mbps. Ethernet ports and generally one (two, tree or more if needed) 155 Mbps. ATM uplink.

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