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Computer Center was founded in 1964 and its name was then "Electronic Computation Center". The aim of the Center was to provide the computer technologies of the time to University community. From that day on, Computer Center is committed to renew itself in accordance with the necessities of being in tune with the fast pace of technology in computer world and the Center tried to ensure that University has access to the best computing resources possible. The main objective of the Center is to strive eagerly to be able to respond efficiently to both technological and administrative infrastructure demands of the University.

The first Internet connection of Turkey, the first TT net connection and the first wireless communication application among the universities in Turkey, the first student information service provided on Internet and first application of domain name service with ".tr" extension are carried out by CC. These services are provided by the intense efforts of Computer Center to contribute to the progress of the University and Turkey.

CC aims to enhance the computing capabilities of METU by achieving the level of outstanding institutions of the world. Keeping this in mind, Computer Center continuously undertakes other initiatives and tasks with the help of innovative, productive, dynamic and hardworking staff, which are able to respond to huge and complex workload. 65% of the Center's staff is below the age of 36 and 61% of the staff is comprised of university graduates either with graduate or masters degree.

Within the organisational structure of the CC, there are 6 groups working under the Head of the Center. The main tasks undertaken by these groups are as follows:

  1. Network Group: This group is mainly responsible from the installation, management and operation of campuswide local area networking (ATM) and off-campus wide area networking (ULAKNET, TTNet, Dial-up etc.). Providing service and handling technical affairs of domain name service are among the other tasks of the group.

  2. Technical Support Group: This group is mainly responsible from the installation of all the central servers and operation of all the services available on these servers. Providing technical support to Computer Labs, which are used by our students, is another main task of this group.

  3. Administrative Applications Group: The group acts to provide consultancy and support while University administrative units are being automated. The group is focused on developing projects and assisting in the implementation of existing projects. Among the diverse projects there are: Student Information System, Academic CV System, Personnel System, Library Automation System.

  4. User Support Group: This group can be referred to as the interface between the Computer Center and the users. User Code service, Hot-line service, user seminars, documentation, instructive Booklets and various publications, licensed software/package programs, CC Library, administration of PC labs are among the main responsibilities of this group.

  5. Informatics Group: The group provides the users with computer resources on various platforms, designs the METU and CC web pages and prepares the content of these pages. Electronic communication means, such as discussion lists and newsgroup services are among the resources that this group provides. The group also provides technical support for users who use METU web server. A graphical design unit in the group designs and prepares various posters, brochures and notices for announcements.

  6. Administrative Support Group: This group is responsible from planning the purchase of software, hardware, infrastructure materials and other devices in accordance with the needs of the CC and the University. The administrative task of purchasing process is carried out by this group. Furthermore, domestic services like secretaryship, human resources activities within CC, statistical evaluation and reporting, translation services, storing of goods/property, photocopy, cleaning services, beverage service is also within the responsibility of Administrative Support Group.

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