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  Middle East Technical University Wireless Network (METU WLAN) was planned at late 1999 and installation was completed at April 2000. The main aim of this network is to connect the units under temporary or emergency situations to the campus backbone. Second aim is to connect units that cannot be reached easily via conventional means, like METU-MET. Creating coverage areas and connecting every user to the campus backbone with wireless network interface on their laptops or desktop computers is the final aim.

Two different wireless networks are installed. First one, serving from the roof of the MM building, is for local area networks to be connected to the campus backbone. Recently, METU-MET, Medical and Psychological Guidance Center, and Big Gymnasium Hall are connected to the campus backbone with this wireless network.

The second one is under construction and the Computer Center Network Group recently uses it for remote network management. It is applicable to places where the conventional network is unreachable. A server is installed at Computer Center for automatic configuration of clients who demand wireless network connection.

A complete emergency wireless set for point-to-point communication is reserved at Computer Center to be able to establish an urgent temporary link. During the registrations for 2000 spring semester, the coaxial cable that connects Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department D building to the campus backbone was damaged. The computer administrators of the department informed the Computer Center Network Group, and after 1 hour and 15 minutes, building was connected to the backbone again by wireless equipment. The damaged cable was replaced by a new fiber optic link after 2 months. During this interval, Electric and Electronics Engineering Department's D building had been connected via the wireless network.

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