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Computing & Information Services Newsletter
  This questionnaire does not intend to evaluate how much the reader is informed about the content or how much does he/she remember from what is read. Rather, this questionnaire is interested in what types of thoughts, feelings and expectations the reader may have after reading this newsletter. This will help us in preparing the next issues according to the expectations of the readers.
1. Since when have you been a member of METU community?
2. What is the year you had first met CISN?
3. How many issues were you able to read?
One More than one A good deal of issues
4. Do you think that the name of the journal well suits the content?
  Yes No
5. How would you comment on the accessibility of CISN via Web?
Good Bad
6. What do you think about the newsletter as being issued periodically once in two-months:
Positive Negative
7. Should you find a piece of writing or a web address that is of interest to this newsletter or should you create a web site on your own, would you ever send it to CISN?
Yes No
8. Which topics and subjects would you like the journal to include in its content?
9. Are there any web addresses you would like to share with others via this journal?
Yes No
10. Do you think the content of this issue is satisfactory?
Insufficient OK Overloaded
11. How is the language of the newsletter?
Simple OK Hard to understand


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