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 Health & Computers
  Health Concerns Associated with Computer Use

Many types of work can cause pain and discomfort when workers are not aware of ergonomic considerations of their work tasks. Muscle soreness, eye fatigue and other discomforts and injuries sometimes associated with using computers can actually occur from performing any number of activities. In fact, misuse of the same muscles during multiple activities can create a problem that might not otherwise exist. The most common health effects associated with using a computer are musculoskeletal discomfort and eye strain.

The diagram shows two types of office chair - the normal adjustable chair and the `Balans' chair and demonstrates the correct posture when using computer equipment. The person in the Balans chair has a good working posture. You should be aware of how you are sitting and try to attain this posture when working on the computer. Ergonomists agree that most conventional chairs hold the spine in the wrong position, forcing the natural "S" curve of the back into an unnatural "C" curve.
chair with lumbar support

Additional information about innovations to this type of chair, including an adjustable ergonomic computer chair with
lumbar support (dynamic kneel-sit, back-pain relief, perfect posture) can be found at the EquipoisE site. The picture shows the EquipoisE balance seat. [Source:]

Correct ergonomic set up for a computer workstation

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