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Computing & Information Services Newsletter
 Editor's Note

We have been involved in a rewarding restless activity of preparing the first issue of 2002 at the last days of 2001. As the staff of CC personnel, our hope is that 2002 may bring happiness to each and everyone and that information sector be filled with new developments that will ease our lives.

There are alterations in the newsletter and in the distribution of tasks in the New Year:

We have decided that the newsletter should be published in Turkish as well. Please visit
to read our newsletter in Turkish.

I, Evrim Gmen Gven, have been an editor in the last 6 issues of CISN (since 1997) and would like to say here that I am handing on my duties as being an editor of this newsletter to Esin Kyma, the CISN administrator. I am absolutely sure that she will be as proud and gratified as me in accomplishing the tasks of editorship and communicating with our users through this newsletter. And I wish her a very successful editor's tenure in the future as apart from her self-sacrificing work as CISN administrator.

When we look at the four issues of 2001, the number of readers that access in monthly basis is as follows;

February issue 391
April issue 885
July issue 640
October issue 900*
(*:Starts from the day when this editor's note was written down )

As apart from the decreasing number of readers during the summer issue, when most of the people are away for vacation, we are happy to see that the number of readers is increasing in each issue. We would like to thank all of you for being with us.

The results of the questionnaire in the last issue are evaluated by Esin Kyma and the following facts have been derived from this study.

  • Most of our readers think that the name of the newsletter well corresponds with the content.
  • The readers stated positive attitude about accessing the newsletter on the web.
  • About the publishing period of the newsletter, bimonthly periods have been considered as proper by some of our users, whereas most of them said that it should be published more frequently.
  • We received positive feedback in regard to the content. However, we are planning to provide our readers with more information on diverse topics.
  • The language of CISN has been regarded as not difficult by most of our readers.

We are planning to improve our newsletter according to the answers you have provided for our questionnaire.

As I have been stating in every issue, I'd like to gratefully acknowledge and thank each and everyone, firstly CISN administrator Esin Kyma, for she has been skillfully performing the preparatory tasks of this newsletter from the very first issue till today and there's no doubt that she will apply the same skills as the editor of the newsletter; CC web-administrator Evrim Akman; graphical designer Yasemin Saatiolu; statistician Ula Sunata; translator Deniz Ynter for the support and motivation they have kept providing to be able to publish this newsletter.

The following CC staff has provided the articles in this issue of CISN;

Ferdi Ayaydn, Network Group member who has provided information about the latest developments and tasks carried about "Long Reach Ethernet";

Ceren En, former CC Human Resources and Promotion Specialist made researches about the article "Being a Manager in IT sector" which is the second part of the previous article "Don't Tell Mom That I'm a Doctor, She Thinks I'm an IT Employee". We are grateful for the diligent work of Ceren, for she voluntarily spared her efforts, though she has not been working for CC for some time;

Cengiz Acartrk, CC PC Support Coordinator has provided the "How To Update The System Files And Software Of Windows Operating Systems" article;

Esin Kyma, CC Published Documents and Education Administrator, organizes the educational seminars given campus-wide, she tells us about these seminars in her article as well as evaluating the questionnaire results;

Onur Ayhan, our youngest part-time employee and senior student in METU Computer Engineering Dept., gives information about automation of seminar registrations;

Feyza Takazan, Technical Support Group system administrator, provides information about Help-desk;

zgr Orgun and Yurdagl ztrk, Administrative Applications Group members give detailed information about the automation of Ms./PhD. Application Systems;

Leyla Ersun, DNS Group Administrator, updated the information of the article "Addresses With 'tr' Extension Are On The Increase" that was published on "http://www.hurriyet.com.tr";

Nevzat Demir, User Support Group Hot-line member, provided us with "accounts of incidents and funny facts" they have experienced at hot-line desk.
Thanks to all of these people for their contribution

Now it's time to make my own farewells here, good-bye everybody!!!

User Support Group Manager

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