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Computer Center General Educational Seminars

Computer Center General Educational Seminars:

"Computer Center General Educational Seminars" that are held every semester were scheduled to November 12th - 23th, 2001 in this fall semester. As apart from the seminars of previous semesters, the fall semester seminar registrations have been conducted over the Internet for the first time. (Automation Program For Seminar Registrations) On the first days of the seminar registrations, the users that are able to come to Computer Center fill up the registration lists. Considering this fact, our main aim was to give the opportunity to our users to register themselves by using computer resources which are most suitable for them at the time of registrations without coming all the way to the Computer Center. Moreover, StarOffice seminar was included and introduced in this semester's seminars to offer alternative office programs that can be made easily available to our users as apart from Microsoft Office.

The announcements of seminars have been made at the announcement fields of "CC-News", "Announcements", "Bu Hafta", "coord-l", "metu.cc.news", orca, rorqual and via posters. Moreover, the address http://seminer.metu.edu.tr has been obtained to provide users with pages where they can easily find information about the seminars that CC offers. At these pages, users have been able to look for general information about seminars themselves and the new seminar registration system.

The number of applications to this semester's seminars has been a great deal as have been usual in previous seminars. However, the number of students we were able to allow to each seminar was limited with the capacity of the PC Rooms. This semester the seminars on the following topics were delivered;

  • Windows
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Unix
  • SPSS
  • Web Page Design
  • StarOffice

and a total of 26 people were admitted in each seminar. Unfortunately, a total of 187 people have participated in the seminars in the actual circumstances. We started the next semester's seminar preparations according to the questionnaires delivered and to the feedback we received from the users. We strongly recommend you to follow the address http://seminer.metu.edu.tr for information about the next semester's seminars.

Looking forward to see you in seminars of 2001-2002 Spring Semester.


"Helpdesk" is a software created on the web environment to speed up the process of receiving the problems of our users and replying them as quickly as possible. It is introduced to service on December 6th, 2001 for the purposes of testing the software and finding out the errors during its interactive usage. Our main aim is to receive the main problems of our users (within or outside working hours) such as accessing to system, user codes, user passwords, web accounts, backup request, accessing to electronic lists etc., and answer them as quickly as possible with the proper solutions.

Our users should visit the following address to be able to use Helpdesk, and then they should log onto the system by entering their user codes and passwords (at beluga, orca, narwhal, rorqual systems)


After logging on to the software, users can submit their problem if they specify the problem type as indicated on the software. The message received from the user will be instantly directed to the technical staff and the problem will be solved in the possible shortest time.

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