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Health & Computers

Prolonged Computer Use Affects Child Development

Prof. Yeşim Kirazlı reported that especially children at the age of development are at the risk of permanent injury because of prolonged computer use.

Ege University, Faculty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department Instructor Prof. Yeşim Kirazlı, reported that nowadays there has been an increase in the number of child patients who are complaining of computer related injuries. Yeşim Kirazlı reported that the development of children playing games for long hours at computers at early ages is hindered. Kirazlı added "Nowadays the number of child patients complaining about computer related illnesses at our clinic has increased considerably. Every month, minimum 20 children visit our clinic to receive treatment about these illnesses."

Yeşim Kirazlı states that computer is beneficial to the intellectual development of children; however children will acquire permanent ailments if they spend many hours in front of the computers playing games of various kinds. Yeşim Kirazlı added, "Not long ago, children were actively playing outdoors. Nowadays, they sit for hours in front of a computer. Because of sitting as against playing actively outdoors, the density of bones at peak points is decreasing. This is a serious problem which may cause bone fractures in the future."

"Computer And Health Problems Linked To Work"

64% of the health problems that are linked to work are due to using computers. Yeşim Kirazlı says that "There has been an increase in the number of adult patients as compared with the child. The symptoms of computer related illnesses are wrist, neck, shoulder, back and spinal aches." To prevent these aches and injuries, you should correct your posture in front of a computer. Kirazlı said that: "To achieve a good posture, your head must be straight, you should support your back, your arms should be comfortable, your eyes should be level with the top of computer screen and the eyes must be in front of the computer. The collarbones should be parallel to the ground. If the shoulders are raised, shoulder and neck aches will develop because of unnecessary stress on tendons and muscles. The shoulders must not be round and the jaws should not be projected forward. The back of your thighs should rest on the seat and the waist should be supported. The feet should stand firmly on the ground or on a stand. The user should be 50 -70 centimeters away from the computer."

Taken from http://www.habersaglik.com/haber/1257.asp

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