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Computing & Information Services Newsletter
 Hot-line Fun

- Hot-line speaking. Can I help you?
- Yes, sir. I started my computer as I did all the time, however my desktop was not displayed today. I can hear the regular startup voices of the computer, but nothing can be seen on the display screen.
- Sir, could you please look for a button on the bottom left or right of your computer monitor?
- Oh yes, there's a button on the left corner of the monitor.
- Is there a little light next to that button?
- Yes...
- Is that light on or is it just blinking?
- It is blinking.
- Sir, would you please turn on your monitor with that button?
- Ah... thank you very much. I am much obliged to you, my computer is running again.

- Hot-line speaking. Can I help you?
- Excuse me, I couldn't understand, whom am I speaking to?
- Computer Center Hot-line service is speaking. How can I help you?
- Ah yes, thanks. I'd like to buy a refrigerator. Can you help me?
- Sir, unfortunately we do not sell any refrigerators in METU Computer Center! However, if I can be of help to you personally, I'd say that you can call "118" to ask for the telephone numbers of companies such as Arçelik, Beko etc. and then, call them to ask for help. Or, if you have an Internet connection, please try sites such as www.arcelik.com.tr etc. to access the pages of companies for further information.

An e-mail that was received by Computer Center Hot-line service.
- Hi! I'd like to ask a question, but I don't know to whom I should ask it. I'd be very pleased if you help me. QUESTION: Do the bubbles formed by the water flowing from a tap create a magnetic field? Please send your answer to my e-mail address. Thanks a lot in advance.

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