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Addresses with 'tr' Extension are on the Increase

The number of addresses with "tr" extension representing Turkey is increasing each day. The number of address records with "tr" extension under the supervision of METU Domain Name Management has reached 32000. A careful study is carried out on Domain Name Management web system in order not to conflict one's Internet address with another.

As Domain Name Management provides people with Internet addresses with extensions such as com.tr, gen.tr, edu.tr, net.tr according to the field of activity, it requires people/companies to give evidence that they are actually working in that field of activity. The Management renders it obligatory for the people and companies who would like to have a com.tr extension to provide evidence of the trade registry documents or trademark documents. In other "tr" extensions, necessary documents are demanded according to the scope of that domain name. The exception to that procedure is gen.tr extension where the first come first served system is applied.

"com.tr" is the Leading Domain Name

Within the scope of the authorization given in 1992 by ICAAN, the organization that undertakes the responsibility of Domain Name Management, METU Domain Name Management provides Internet address with "tr" extension in Turkey. METU Domain Name Management has registered 32655 Internet addresses until today.
The sectoral distribution of Internet addresses registered as "tr" in Turkey by the Domain Name Management:

com.tr (companies):25,119
org.tr (associations and similar institutions):1,495
edu.tr (universities):150
k12.tr (secondary schools):344
gov.tr (state organizations):881
net.tr (network enterprises):142
gen.tr (general):4,324
mil.tr (military organizations):8
nom.tr (name registrations):192

In the very near future, it is planning to provide Internet domain names such as 'web.tr', 'name.tr', and 'tel.tr'. Moreover, it is planning to introduce another domain name with 'av.tr' extension for lawyers registered to body of the lawyers. This sub-domain name shall be developed in cooperation with Turkish Body of Lawyers within the scope of professional restrictions of lawyers preventing advertisement.

In parallel with this application, it is deliberating with Association of Doctors to provide firm grounds to introduce another domain name for doctors with 'dr.tr' extension. Studies about how to determine the procedure and regulations of each domain application are continuing at the present.

Taken from http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/haber/0,,sid~12@nvid~74319,00.asp

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